Firewood and biomass


We have been supplying firewood to our customers on the Slovak and Austrian markets for more than 10 years. We produce firewood from beech, oak, acacia and ash logs. The wood raw material is cut to a length of 25, 33, 50 and 100 cm, chopped and stored in a wooden box in the size of 1x1x1 m = 1 cbm.

Palivové drevo ukladané do boxov
Firewood stored in boxes

Our advantage is the ability to deliver large volumes in the shortest possible time. We can provide for wholesale customers transport the end destination by request. For small customers, we have a truck with a hydraulic arm, or firewood can be picked from our stock personally at our sawmill in Jablonica.

The truck will take 8 pallets of firewood. The weight of one pallet is approx. 620 kg.

We are happy to welcome new customers for firewood purchases.

For information on firewood and price offers ask:

Bohuš Šilar, 908 583 845


Biomass (wood chips, sawdust), which is generated as waste from our sawmill production from more valuable products, is considered a modern ecological fuel of the future.

We also provide services in the field of logging and mobile chipping.

An important part of our company is the purchase and sale of wood logs.

For details ask:

Manager for logging and biomass production:Purchase of raw materials, wood transport:
Renát Dudek,, +421 915 869 411Zdeněk Pelcman,, +421 918 782 217